When do I need a Domain Name Transfer, Domain Name Purchase, or Domain Name Assignment Agreement?

What is a Domain Name Assignment?

When your business is ready to make a formal presence in the digital space, the first thing you'll need is a domain name (or website address). A domain name assignment is like a bill of sale for a website and is required whenever you're purchasing, exchanging, or selling a website or domain name.


Use the Domain Name Agreements when:


  1. You're purchasing a domain name from a company or third parties like Dezerv or another entity.
  2. You're selling your domain name to someone else.


The days of handing out business cards and door-to-door flyers to promote your business quickly are fading and often frowned upon for environmental purposes. Today, many aspects of running a business are done digitally. Having a secure and top domain name can make or break your company. Consider using a domain name that is short, easy to say, and catchy for your customers. 


The dilemma is—there's a good chance the domain name you want is already taken—no worries, in any case. Just because the name you want is already registered doesn't mean you can't still purchase it. If you need help purchasing it, please feel free to contact our team for assistance. (cs@dezerv.co)


By law, domain names are considered personal property and can be purchased and sold, just like anything else. Whether you're buying or selling a domain name, make sure you put it in writing with a Domain Name Agreement of some sort.


If you lost on this, feel free to reach out to our teams for help.

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