Marketing Retainer Subscriptions

Our Marketing Retainers offer small and medium-sized businesses access to ongoing, cohesive marketing services without paying for each specialist, campaign, or project individually. As a sustainable and cost-effective solution, our retainer packages provide unmatched value to support the growth and success of your company.

What is a Marketing Retainer?

Our Marketing Retainer Service is a contractual agreement between you and our agency, where we provide a range of services on a recurring basis each month. The services we provide can be customized to cater to the unique requirements and goals of your business. Payments for our service are made on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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Why Invest in a Marketing Retainer Package? 

They provide consistent, ongoing support. 

By having a consistent team running your campaigns and creating content on a continual basis, you can ensure long-term success. Your marketing campaigns will work together in harmony towards the same goals. Plus, with a steady flow of video and photo content, you can drive consistent organic growth.

Saves Time & Money

Say goodbye to expensive in-house marketing teams and pay for content, campaigns, and projects with ease. Instead of worrying about booking shoots, hourly fees, opt for a fixed monthly retainer and save big. Recent surveys have shown that hiring a marketing agency can be almost 50% more cost-efficient than building an in-house team.

Predictable budgeting

Marketing retainers with fixed monthly fees provide a practical and predictable solution to your business's marketing needs. By knowing exactly how much you'll spend on marketing and content creation, you can budget more precisely and sustainably. It's an excellent way to ensure the long-term growth of your business without worrying about unexpected expenses.

customized to meet your needs

From comprehensive and complete marketing services to strategic high-level support, you have a range of options for the right level of assistance. At dezerv, we go a step further by allowing you to personalize the length of your marketing retainer for added flexibility.

Get better results OVERALL

Gain access to marketing specialists you might not have been able to afford in-house or individually contracted. Plus, the content creation support you receive will be more strategic and forward-thinking, rather than overly focused on short-term outcomes.

WHAT SERVICES YOU can bundle & save

When you sign up for a marketing retainer subscription

  • Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • AD/Media Buying
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Development/Management
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

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