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Our team of expert photographers and videographers are dedicated to bringing your story to life in visually stunning and captivating ways. With a carefully crafted strategy tailored to your audience, we collaborate closely with your team to ensure each video tells a compelling and emotionally resonant story. By deeply understanding your customer and reader personas, we ensure your content remains laser-focused on the most important stakeholder - your customer. Trust us to create beautiful and dynamic photos and videos that will truly capture and engage your audience.

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video production

Discover the magic of storytelling through our captivating video content - tailored for brand marketing, advertising, and social media campaigns. Immerse your audience in social media content, short films and documentaries designed to evoke emotions and build meaningful connections.

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Say goodbye to generic stock images and hello to tailor-made, high-quality, authentic visuals that reflect the essence of your business, your brand, and YOU. Our skilled photographers will weave magic to create the perfect digital and print presence for your brand.

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Maximize Your Marketing Strategy with a

Content Retainer partnership

Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring an in-house marketing team! A content retainer gives you all the amazing benefits of consistent marketing without the full-time salary & benefit expenses. Enjoy top-notch content that drives results, all while saving money.


The Benefits of a content retainer

Priority Access

Become a regular client and receive exclusive benefits like scheduling upcoming shoots with ease. Our team takes your marketing strategy seriously and prioritizes your needs above any new clients.

Saves Time

By sticking with Dezerv and establishing a long-term schedule, you'll avoid the hassle of having to find new partners each time. This approach also ensures your video and photo content is consistent with your branding and aligned with your marketing goals.

Saves Money

By agreeing on a specific cost upfront, you pay for all of the content we will produce - resulting in a more streamlined, cost-effective approach to your marketing. Retainers keep things predictable and within your budget.


Integrating your brand's identity consistently throughout your content is crucial for effective marketing. A video or photo retainer ensures that every piece of content has a unified image that aligns perfectly with your branding. This means you can easily repurpose it for various marketing goals.

Long-Term Support

Having a consistent and reliable source of support leads to more opportunities for optimizing and experimenting with your content. Our team will provide you with innovative ideas that enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, allowing you to remain relevant to the current market.

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