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Red can largely be credited for inventing digital cinema. Truly Red Cameras have been well known for their ability to shoot in higher frame rates since the Red One. Cameras like Sony, Panasonic, and Canon are really just catching up to Red with their higher frame rate capabilities because the quality of the slow motion footage from any Red Camera is fantastic.

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All RED Camera Video Production Rates and Videographers Prices are *starting prices and estimated costs breakdown.

Red Digital Cinema cameras started a revolution in the film and video world when they were introduced the RED ONE in 2007. They entered a market that was completely dominated by the old guards at Panasonic, Sony, and Canon who offered nothing comparable to the original Red One. Since we have been following RED's journey.

We are Tampa's Florida's exclusive high-tech digital RED Camera authorized dealer and RED Camera video production agency focused on creating superior digital video experiences. We are Tampa's vetted video production and camera equipment industry professionals who have extensive knowledge about designing, developing, and executing on large and small scale video production and visual art projects. Our RED Camera team can create custom video solutions, content management systems, video sales ads, and more.

Dezerv RED Camera Operator Video Production For Hire Day Rates *Starting Prices - Tampa RED Camera Videographers

Video production rate card includes Camera (Basic Lens Kit)+ Videographer prices per day (not including some production fees, location fees, special editing, insurance fees, travel expenses or anything other fee).

6 Hours


Details Are Custom

8 Hours


Details Are Custom

10 Hours


Details Are Custom

Additional RED Video Professional Services ,
Equipment And Upgrades Options

Every client project is unique and we combine a custom set of RED Camera video making professionals to create an ideal film crew, RED Camera gear and Red Camera production management team.

RED create active and engaging content for your business or brand.

When it comes to Tampa commercial video production, we have you covered; however, what's great about our team is we can go anywhere and have access to the latest gear such as RED Camera. We are one of the few corporate video production companies in the United States that reaches all the famous locations in the USA, especially the Florida area. Our Dezerv Digital team has the most professional gear and is trusted by RED Camera and DJI Drones, we will accomplish the most challenging of projects.

Dezerv Tampa Drone Videographers & Drone Pilot
Dual Pilot For Hire Day Rates *Starting Prices

Drone production rate card includes Inspire 2 with (Basic Lens Kit) + Licensed Dual Pilot | 1. Drone Videographer and 2. Drone Pilot prices per day (not including production, editing, insurance fees, clearance fees, travel expenses or anything other fee).


Inspire 2 Or Similar

4 Hours

HD, 4K, DLOG, many option available.

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Our RED Camera team is ready to tell your "Brand Story" with engaging commercials, social short stories, testimonials, video business cards, boomerangs you name it, we can capture it, and package it. We stage the right image while having you covered from conception to long term success. We work with the best in the business to manage your project and expand your digital footprint.