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The Ethical Way To Delete An Unwanted Google Review

Just follow these quick, easy instructions:

Log into your Google My Business account to get started.

If you have multiple locations, open the location that has the Google review to remove.

  1. Click "Reviews" from the menu. You'll see your reviews pop-up.
  2. Click the 3-dot menu for the review to delete it.
  3. Click "Flag as inappropriate" to alert Google to delete the review since it violates the google review guidelines.
  4. Once you've started the process to delete a Google review, give Google a few days to process your request, they will get back to you.

Escalate to Google's support team if needed.

Following a few days, if the review is not deleted and Google hasn't responded, try contacting Google to expedite the process.

Here's how to expedite the review or reviews to Google's support team to delete a Google review:

  1. Log into your Google My Business account to get started.
  2. In the menu on the left-hand side, click "Support."
  3. Follow the process to speak with a Google representative.

Escalate as a legal matter. (This is not legal advice.)

If Google's support team rules not to delete the Google review, you have one last "legal option:" Escalate the review as a legal matter.

Even if Google's support team doesn't think a review violates their policies, you can still delete a Google review that violates the law.
A Google review may violate the law if it commits libel or slander or if it encroaches on copyright, for instance.

Before spending much on lawyers to prove your case, try using Google's legal removal request tool. You can find more information about this tool on Google's legal removal requests page.

You can get Google to delete a Google review if it violates their policies or the law. (Please look at the details above on how to delete a Google review.)

However, if you can't delete a Google review, there is always us at Dezerv Co. we may still be able to help you gain victory by hiring our Google Reputation Management Team.

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