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Social Media Pages Build-Out

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We know the ins and outs of Facebook, Instagram and Google and you should have a pro build your social pages. Having a professionally built-out Facebook Page, Instagram Profile and Google Profile Page gains trust and helps connect your brand with the internet and your following, while promoting products and brand awareness and increasing ROI with Ads.

1 Basic Month Service Process & Build Out ( Each sold separately.) 

    • Social Media Page Build-Out Instagram (Shopify Store Option Build Out Separate) 
    • Social Media Page Build-Out Facebook  (Shopify Store Option Build-Out Separate.)
    • Google My Business Page Build-Out  (Shopify Store Option Build Out Separate.)
All basic Company information will need to be provided. No guaranteed time frames. (If Store Build-Out and Upgraded SEO enriched Build-Out is selected, 3 Month is the estimate build time.)


Page Build Out Includes: 

  • All company information input and completed in full.
  • Company About Us
  • 10 Graphic Images Copy-write free.
  • 10 Post to account to get insight and data moving along. 
  • Complete full informational profile to include graphic images for profile picture and main header.
  • Develop SEO enriched Titles, Descriptions and relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers. 
  • Product upload up to 20 max. Additional option available for more.
  • Respond to users and reviews currently present if available.
  • Responses will be keyword relevant responses for each up to 10 responses.
  • Contact Us will cultivating leads and messenger sales auto page setup.

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