Client Video Pre-Production Questionnaire

At Dezerv.Co we spend a lot of time brainstorming with clients discussing how we can best tell their stories using video. While it's true that every individual and organization is unique in how they'd like their story told, there are always a series of questions that are universally useful for those looking to produce visual work. Please take the time to answer our question below so we have a better understanding of your visual needs. 

Thank you for going through all the questions and answering them to your best. Every video project is different and has unique needs but this form helps us understand the framework. By taking these steps you’re sure to save time, decrease confusion, and create a video you and your team can be proud of with us. If you have more questions or you are not sure how to get started, feel free to set a collaborative call with us to help think through these strategies, come up with key takeaways, and set plans to produce your video. 

Talk to you soon, Dezerv.Co