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Welcome to Dezerv.Co, Tampa, Florida's top-rated high-tech digital development agency focused on creating superior digital Shopify website experiences. We are Tampa's Shopify-vetted industry professionals who have extensive knowledge about designing, developing, and updating Shopify stores.

Our Tampa team can build custom e-commerce solutions, content management systems, and integrated sales tools, and more to get your business moving.

Dezerv works as a Shopify Partner and is a complete ecommerce developer and platform builder. Dezerv is developing website content design that exceeds the norm and amplifies a website presence on the internet 10X.

Getting started can be a little complicated when there is so much to do to a website nowadays. Building or rebuilding a website with the Dezerv.Co is a good idea!

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Dezerv works differently to create and customize the online store experience, sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops. We work with top brands in B2B and B2C, and consider our expertise is in developing creative yet effective digital properties to drive brand exposure and engagement.

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Customizable Integrated Website Solutions - All site below are all built on a premium Shopify platform.  

It’s only possible to measure business online success if there are defined goals and targets against which you can analyze and compare results. We produce results at Dezerv.Co.

  • Graphic Design
  • Product Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Customizable Web Development

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is art... And with the right answers from you, we will bring your that art visions to life. Our Tampa Graphic Design team has talented graphic designers ready to make your dream real. Simple, direct, effective, felt and understood, Dezerv designers strive for this in every project. Let's create something.

Product Development

Product development can take forever, or you can hire your forever team here at Dezerv to walk with your brand through the whole process. You don't have to think about it alone. Dezerv is here to help you cultivate and conceptualize the product design you want to increase capital through visual consumer demand. Let's make it real!

Mobile Development

Dezerv has had great success with project management and the development of Apps with Tampa businesses. One of their first repair booking apps was for Device Savers, a local Tampa repair company that needed a way for their customer to tackle repairs without losing connection to the shop. To many others like the recent ARTEMIX X1 and a few others, we are confident we can create your App.

Customizable Web Development

Our Tampa team can build custom e-commerce solutions, content management systems, and integrated sales tools, and more to get your business moving. Dezerv works as aShopify Partner and is a complete commerce developer and designer platform builder. The websites we build let you start, grow, and manage a business quickly.

  • Quality Merchandise Management
  • Business Long-Term Growth Strategies
  • Affiliates & Influencer Management
  • IT, AI, BI, Digital Marketing & Sales

Quality Merchandise Management

When we think of merchandising at Dezerv, we think of more than just the idea; we think of the detail and the quality necessary to put forth something worth buying. We believe quality is not an act. It is a habit. So, quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. We also create Dropship integrated marketing strategies to enhance idea development, distribution, and performance across all channels. That's us, that is Designed By, Dezerv.

Business Long-Term Growth Strategies

At Dezerv, we know how hard it can be to navigate the digital realm. There's a lot more to growing on the web, in social media, in automation, in sales, in markets, all in hopes of a solid ROI. The business owner route is never easy; you'll need a long-term strategy to keep brand awareness and sales momentum going within your company's brand, products, campaigns, and more to consider even scaling.

Affiliates & Influencer Management

Dezerv Tampas Influencer and Affiliate marketing promotes discovery and drives revenue. Through our global Influencing Affiliate Network, we empower marketers to engage shoppers across the entire consumer storyline. Dezerv has every kind of creator; our team can execute joint campaigns that extend content on paid media outlets and, we create an all in one solution to do so in house. Dezerv is one of the local teams dedicated to end-to-end management, with Influencer and Affiliate Marketing.

IT, AI, BI, Digital Marketing & Sales

We help non-technical companies get more technical about everything. At Dezerv Tampa's Top Content Marketing and Business Development company, we create and customize an online presence that sells on multiple channels, including web, mobile, social media, and online marketplaces. Our automation manages products, inventory, payments, shipping, Ads, graphic design, and your business pretty much. By collaboration with us you will get access to our creative DATA solutions, that tell your data story too back our work results.

Credit to individual/agency store designers & developers.

Videography, Photography Strategies & Distribution

Our team is ready to tell your Company Brand Story with engaging commercials, social short stories, testimonials, video business cards, boomerangs you name it, we can capture it, and package it. We stage the right company image while having you covered from conception to long term success. Your videos meet our distribution services, influencer, existing user networks, and all other digitals outlets. We work with the best to expand your digital footprint.

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Ducky's Tampa

Freedom Fatigues

Luminous Laser

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