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Dezerv works differently to create and customize online video experiences. Videos that sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces. We work with top brands in B2B and B2C, and consider our video expertise in developing creative yet effective digital properties to drive brand exposure and engagement.

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All Video Production Rates and Videographers Prices are *starting prices and estimated costs breakdown.

We are Tampa, Florida's top-rated high-tech digital development agency focused on creating superior digital video experiences. We are Tampa's vetted video production industry professionals who have extensive knowledge about designing, developing, and executing on large and small scale video production and visual art projects.

Our Tampa team can create custom video solutions, content management systems, video sales ads, and more.

Video Production Crew & Tampa Videographers For Hire Rates

The demand for professional, high-end video-production teams in Tampa, Florida, and across the nation is high due to the change in our markets, sparked by Covid-19.What's even higher is the risk of failing in your search for the right video or visual production team due to a lack of crew expertise. When it comes to Dezerv, our Video Production squad has all of your production project management covers from start to final delivery. Our production specialists range from Cinematographers, Lighting Techs, Sound Design Specialist, VFX Artist, Graphic Artis, 3D Specialist, Production Directors, Hair & Makeup, and many other individuals that bring video to life.

We have the whole crew cover for any commercial or basic video production project, big or small, at competitive video production rates. We do our best to adapt to your budget and provide you with high-quality video production services. You can obtain custom rates by getting a quote. Our Tampa Video team can build custom website e-commerce video solutions, for training, content management systems, integrated sales tools, and more. We work differently and take satisfaction in building crafty videos that reflect your brand and transform guests into consumers. We are Tamps's prominent video production management company; let's get started today by filling out the form above.

Dezerv Video Production Crew For Hire Day Rates *Starting Prices

Video production rate card includes Camera (Basic Lens Kit)+ Videographer prices per day (not including some production fees, location fees, special editing, insurance fees, travel expenses or anything other fee).

Video Starter Pro


Details Are Custom

Social Videos ReVamp


Details Are Custom

Video Business Card


Details Are Custom

Biz Refresher Videos


Details Are Custom

Full Time Video Team


Details Are Custom

Take Over Production


Details Are Custom

Dezerv Videographers For Hire Day Rates *Starting Prices

Video production rate card includes Camera (Basic Lens Kit)+ Videographer prices per day (not including production, editing, insurance fees, travel expenses or anything other fee).

Camera Pro Package Drone Pro Package Cinema Pro Package

GH5 4K Or Similar 4K Camera

5 Hours

HD, 4K


Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire Or Similar

4 Hours

HD, 4K


EOS-1D X Mark I, RED Or Similar

8 Hours

4K, 8K

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Create active and engaging content for your business or brand.

When it comes to Tampa commercial video production, we have you covered; however, what's great about our team is we can go anywhere. We are one of the few corporate video production companies in the United States that reaches all the famous locations in the USA, especially the Florida area. Our Dezerv Digital team with professional gear will accomplish the most challenging of projects.

Why We Standout

Dezerv's Video Production squad has all of your production project management covered from start to final delivery.

  • Pre-Production
  • Footage Production
  • Post-Production

Production planning is the most important part of creating a professional music video. We love to sit down with artists and discover what their trying to create and have within their video. Don't have a story line?


Production day will be a lot easier with a plan that we had set down before in the pre production process. We use top notch camera equipment to insure your videos are in crystal clear 4K. As far as lighting goes we will make sure everything is properly lit and exposed to make sure your products are properly displayed exactly how you wish.

HD, 4K video recording, mobile green screen setups, audio recording, green screen production, on-location b-roll footage production, interior and exterior shootings, aerial shootings with Drones, in-studio filming.


Dezerv's professional editors will take your vision to the next level in post-production, in this stage after production when the filming is wrapped, and the editing of the visual and audio materials begins. The post-production process is where the magic happens; in post-production, all of the tasks associated with delivering a final product occur. Cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects, color correction, clip transitions according to the vision, joined together using our editing software Premiere Pro, are only a few parts of our post process.


Everybody keep talking about mobile stories and post, because they are important!

Dezerv knows that Tampa's digital video world of technology is forever expanding; your online video presence is key to bringing the service or product you offer to the end consumer. With the accelerated growth of mobile video technology, having a dedicated video production team is required.

The type of videos we build has become an essential tool for our clients to establish an authentic online video presence and we are not talking stock videos and images; it's all custom for the brand.

It’s only possible to measure business video online success if there are defined goals and targets against which you can analyze and compare results. We produce the type of video that produce results contact us today.

Videography, Photography Strategies & Distribution

Our team is ready to tell your Company Brand Story with engaging commercials, social short stories, testimonials, video business cards, boomerangs you name it, we can capture it, and package it. We stage the right company image while having you covered from conception to long term success. Your videos meet our distribution services, influencer, existing user networks, and all other digitals outlets. We work with the best to expand your digital footprint.

Our Distribution Channels Is Why We Standout in Video Advertising

DEZERV Social Media Marketing Services has a deep understand about how data works. Because of this we are able to help your business grow in brand awareness, relationships, authenticity and website traffic. Exploring different channels, you have the freedom to choose your platform.

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