Web Design & Development Amplify Package

All Monthly Websites Feature the Capability Of

  • Unlimited products upload. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth and online storage.
  • Shopify point of sale.
  • Online sales channels.
  • Fraud analysis.
  • Manual order creation.
  • Discount codes.
  • Staff accounts.
  • Overview dashboard.
  • Finance reports.
  • Customer support.

Basic Website Creative Planning

  1. Creative Brief – A unique, comprehensive brief to determine the goals, needs, and approach that we need to take in solving the problems your current site does not solve.  Our brief is designed to make you think about your goals.
  2. Kick-off call to discuss your brand and goals
  3. Site structure
  4. Wireframe
  5. Tagline generation
  6. Illustrations & photography to match taglines

Website Design

  1. Standard pages – Shopify based with shogun (add a cost of $39 A Month to Shopify plan.)
  2. Design up to 15 individual pages: Home page, sub-page (interior page), call to action landing (with a unique look and not a bullet list), service page with services detail, thank you, contact, blog, mobile and a wildcard page for anything else.
  3. The design includes imagery, typography, links, navigation, drop-down navigation, rollovers, calls to actions, taglines, slides for the home page and charts/graphs. (Does not include SEO.)
  4. Photo search time and editing
  5. Define the photo idea for subpages with the client.
  6. Stock photos of up to 20 images, more are allowed at additional cost. Photos can also be taken from the client for upload or by DEZERV. Photography & Illustrations are included. Anything you send over is included too.
  7. Meetings with clients to finalize the design.
  8. Revisions as needed during the design phase to finalize for the build. 5 Revision Max

    Mobile Design

    1. Mobile Theme ready and loaded.
    2. Color-coded to your brand compression blocks on mobile.
    3. Auto-detect script for mobile devices. 
    4. Log Mobile Devices used.

    DEZERV Checklist of Testing

    1. Internal beta testing
    2. Fully tested web site in IE 7, 8, 9, Chrome, Firefox & Safari (PC & Mac)
    3. Web site punch list and testing link
    4. Assistance with domain & DNS
    5. Assistance with email transfer
    6. Confirmation of contact forms
    7. XML sitemap


    1. Final Launch
    2. Owner Take Over or Chosen Maintenance Plan